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Ok so long story short me and this beautiful little boy here moved back in with my parents in Texas a week ago out of an abusive situation back in Cali. I spent the last of my money I had saved on the whole move. My ex is currently making bare minimum and I am only able to get to some of it. Legal actions to do anything, even see someone for a consultation costs money. I’ve found one person, but they live far from me and the gas to pay a friend for it I just can’t afford… I have $75 to my name right now. I’m living with my Mom and my Sister and my Son. My Dad promised to change when we got back but got into a near physical fight with me and my Mom and has been gone going on 5 days now. My Mom has no money. I am literally left to feed the four of us and with my being disabled I can’t exactly work work…  I’m in desperate need of donations of any amount or lots of reblogs to find people who can donate to help feed my family. I shouldn’t have to stay in a physically abusive relationship just to eat or feed my child. I’m on the start of a new path bright for both myself and my son, but it’s really rocky right now and I could SERIOUSLY use some help!!



Anonymous asked:

I'd wish you were born in Hitler's era.


This is my first anon hate and I have to say, you could have done better at hate mail. I’m extremely disappointed. Listen to me, don’t sell yourself short, Anon. You can do better. You can be better. Not better than me of course, because you’re an asshole. Not better than a lot of people, actually. Like 5/8ths of the world’s total population of people are better than you. But hey, at least you’re better than Hitler. Barely. Just barely. 
One more thing, I’m black. I know he didn’t like Blacks as well, but…come on. Hitler’s Era? Like I said, you could have done better, Anon. 


David Letterman is going to have a fascinating guest on The Late Night Show October 8th…

That’s right! It’s the blue-haired diva herself HATSUNE MIKU!!!! 

The official MIKU EXPO Twitter announced that the popular variety late night talk show, starring David Letterman and Paul Shaffer, will have Miku perform to show off the technologies of how a live concert would work. This is likely to promote the MIKU EXPO event which takes place a few days after the that show. 

It’s good to know that Miku is expanding to places we never thought imaginable! 

(Info taken from MikuFan)

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